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"Difficult emotionally (but) I finished it. Amaaazing. You said you are doing a sequel?!" _________________________________________ Michel Knowles���Highland, Utah

"I fell in love with the characters, some you loved and some you hated. It was engaging, very visual, and the author painted a perfect picture to make you want to keep reading.You don't have to have any interest in Roman history or battles to love this story. The ending was a surprise. I think this book would appeal to both men and women as well as teenagers. I give it two thumbs up." ________________
Pam Onishi���Portland, Oregon

"This entire book was most fascinating. I found that it was hard to put down which led me to read the entire book in only a few days. It seems obvious that the author did a great deal of research of this historical period then crafted a fascinating story with historical facts and fictional characters. This story had such components as adventure, loyalty, intrigue, mystery, subversion, action, treachery, murder, revenge, tragedy and a bit of romance to balance it all out. With these items combined this is a very interesting and informative book. My curiosity was piqued to learn more of this period in history. I will definitely recommend this work of art to my friends and those I know who enjoy historical fiction."________________
Julie Ghirdelli���Santaquin, Utah

"Rod Warren has constructed a historical fiction novel that uses language clear enough for even a casual reader like myself to enjoy. I found myself turning pages so fast that I couldn't remember how long I had even reading. Now, that's good writing! The characters and historical settings captivated my imagination and took me to places I'd never been. A great book for those who want to read an epic adventure with romance, action, drama, and everything that goes into a classic." __________________
Steve Anderson���Hollywood, CA